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Lindy and Blues Weather Cancellations


Hey, friends! Due to the pending storm, we’re waiting to see what happens in regards to dances this week- it’s possible that Powerhouse Blues tonight (Monday, January 26th) and/or Tuesday LaB tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 27th) may be cancelled. As of this moment, we’re planning on having both dances. We’ll be updating our usual communication methods (website, Facebook page, Facebook groups, and email) once we’ve made a decision. Expect updates on cancellations by no later than 4pm on the day of each dance.

Thanks with your cooperation and patience as we make the best decision for not only our dancers, but our volunteers, teachers, and DJs as well. We have your best interests at heart!

Lindy and Blues

Jazz Attack 1/22

Here’s what’s going on a the University City Arts League at 4226 Spruce St. for only $7:

8pm-9pm: Lessons

The last lesson of Brian’s swing out clinic and a novice lesson with Jon and Griffin. Over the course of three weeks we’re going to take a good, hard look at our swing outs. We’ll explore ideas, techniques, drills, and exercises for you to work on, play with, and practice for the rest of 2015 to become a better Lindy Hopper. In this series we’ll be using personal feedback and attention to grow your ability to better yourself as a dancer, and help better others — so no matter if you’ve just graduated from novice lessons, or if you’ve just returned from Lindy Focus, this series has something for you and your dancing!  Prerequisite: comfortable with a swing out

9pm-11pm: Dancing

To the tunes of Albert and Courtney!

Tuesday LaB – January 20th

****Note to the dance community: Attendance at Tuesday LaB dances has been consistently low over the last several months and we have been struggling to make rent. We are starting to look into new venue possibilities. For now we are still at the Ethical Society Building, but that may change between now and April. Stay tuned!****

Welcome back to LaB and to the New Year! Here’s what’s happening this Tuesday night…

8pm Main Floor: A novice Blues lesson with Chris! Novice lessons are drop-in friendly, so they are a great place to start if you’re new to the dance. The first half hour of the social dance will have mostly Blues music so you can practice what you learned right away (but we hope you stay for the whole dance, and also come back next week).

8pm Upstairs: Our January series will be dedicated to the 3 C’s of close embrace blues; Comfy, Cozy, & Confident! Mary will guide us through techniques in close embrace that allow both partners to be comfortable, cozy, and confident in navigating their way through a close embrace-style blues dance.

9pm -12am: Social dancing on the main floor! Marc and Chris are DJing.

Tuesday LaB nights cost $7 to attend (that includes both the dance and the lesson). No partner is required. We do not allow anyone to join lessons more than 15 minutes after their scheduled start time, so make sure to arrive on time!

Tuesday LaB dances and classes are held in the Ethical Society building on Rittenhouse Square (1906 S Rittenhouse Square). Hope to see you there!

TONIGHT: Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five at Rhythm Session!

Is there any better way to kick off a new year than with the swingin’ sounds of great jazz? We think not. Lucky for you, tonight is the first Rhythm Session of 2015, and we’ve got a great band to celebrate with! Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five are back, bringing the high energy and dance-inducing arrangements we always know to expect from this great jazz band.

As usual, we encourage you to join us, bring your friends, and enjoy the cozy social environment while you dance away the evening. We’ll be at Take the Lead, the lovely studio with great floors, plenty of seating and space, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the heart of West Philly. BYOB-friendly, cozy and cool, this will definitely be the place to be! Don’t forget to join the facebook event and let everyone know you’re coming, and definitely don’t forget your dancing shoes, you’ll want to have them. Remember, you can keep up with Rhythm Session on Instagram and Facebook, too.

Rhythm Session aims to get jazz dancers, musicians, and fans together to interact and celebrate the music and dance in a comfortable social setting. The event is held every third Sunday of the month unless otherwise noted at Take the Lead Studio, 4701 Pine Street, in Philly. There is a suggested donation of $10+ to help pay the band and space.