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Jazz Attack: 3/26

Here’s what’s going on a the University City Arts League at 4226 Spruce St. for only $7:

8pm-9pm: Lessons

This March, Kerry from New Orleans will walk us through many interesting and inspiring connection points and figures. This series is perfect for dancers who want to try new things while using new shapes to stretch their knowledge of connection.

Also a novice lesson with Lauren & Jesse and a 3 minute bal lesson.

9pm-11pm: Dancing

To the tunes of Albert and Kevin.

Coming soon!

Next month, Beth’s progressive series, Spins and Turns! Make sure to attend the first class, you will need to be there to come to the second!

Tuesday LaB – March 24th

**For now we are still going to be at the Ethical Society Building for Tuesday LaB. When that changes, we will post here on the website, and on Facebook. Stay tuned!**

Here’s what’s happening this Tuesday night…

8pm Main Floor: A novice Lindy lesson with Brian. This week it will be about 8-count Lindy. Novice lessons are drop-in friendly, so they are a great place to start if you’re new to the dance. The first half hour of the social dance will have mostly Lindy music so you can practice what you learned right away (but we hope you stay for the whole dance, and also come back next week).

8pm Upstairs: This month the series is: “Mosaic Dancing” with Ashley — This series is all about breaking the things we thought we needed, and putting them back together in new and beautiful ways we had only dreamed of before! Prepare to question the things you took for granted about dance, and to push past your boundaries and habits into a world of creativity and new ideas. This series will be on topics equally applicable to lindy and blues, so come prepared for anything and then some!

9pm -12am: Social dancing on the main floor with Chris DJing!

Tuesday LaB nights cost $7 to attend (that includes both the dance and the lesson). No partner is required. We do not allow anyone to join lessons more than 15 minutes after their scheduled start time, so make sure to arrive on time!

Tuesday LaB dances and classes are held in the Ethical Society building on Rittenhouse Square (1906 S Rittenhouse Square). Hope to see you there!

Powerhouse Blues 3/23/15

“Do You Love Me” Solo Movement and Musicality Series Wk.4 w/ Mary and Chris

Powerhouse Blues’ers, “I’m back, to let you know” how to “really shake ‘em down.” ~ Mary
In the 4th and final week of “Do You Love Me?!”: Solo movement and musicality, Mary and Chris will help you take all the mad skillz and solo movementz learned in the first weeks of this series and incorporate them into both closed-position and open-position partnered dancing. You will learn how to include call-and-response into your partnered dancing (“watch me now!”), and also review how to lead and follow a break away to get into visual lead-follow dancing You’ll complete this series without even needing to ask “Do you love me now that I can dance?!”. Everyone will say “…yes.” Boom.

NOTE*: This is the last lesson of a progressive series, and will be beginner+ to intermediate level. You will need one or more of the following:

A) You’ve attended lessons 2 AND 3 of this series
B) You have been doing weekly blues lessons and dancing for 4 or more months
C) You can ask Mary before the lesson if it would be appropriate for you!

Cost: $7. All night, every night!
Class: 8:30pm – 9:30pm (15 minute late policy)
Social Dance: 9:30pm – Midnight

Marc Longhenry and Chris Carey!

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