LaB News

Tuesday LaB – July 29th

Happy Tuesday dancing! Here’s what’s happening this Tuesday night…

8pm Main Floor: Since it is the best place best prices on cialis the 4th Tuesday of a month the novice lesson is a wildcard mystery this week (though probably somewhat Lindy related). Allison will be teaching. Novice lessons are always drop-in friendly, and we hope you’ll join us! The first half hour of the social dance will have mostly Lindy music so you can practice what you learned right away (but we hope you stay for the whole dance, and also come back next week).

8pm Upstairs: This week we are having a town hall meeting upstairs instead of a topics lesson. If you have any questions about how LaB works, or want to give feedback, or have ideas about stuff you’d like to see happen with LaBor just want to come and hang out with the organizers and other LaB folks, this is your chance! I’ve also heard rumors that there might be ice-cream or some sort of sugary dessert.

9pm -12am: Social Dancing on the main floor! Mat Rapp will be DJing all the Blues music and Tara will be DJing all the Lindy music.

Tuesday LaB nights cost $7 to attend (that includes both the dance and the look there generic levitra from china lesson). No partner is required. We do not allow anyone to join lessons more than 15 minutes after their scheduled start time, so make sure to arrive on time!

Tuesday LaB dances and classes are held in the Ethical Society building on Rittenhouse Square (1906 S Rittenhouse Square). Hope to see you there!

HOT MESS continues with dances, comp, and classes!


We’re over halfway through the weekend! If you want to take classes today but haven’t registered for the whole weekend, don’t fret! A day pass for classes cost’s $50, payable at the door. Otherwise we’ll see you tonight at Take the Lead 8-11pm for our main dance with Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five!

Hot Mess is off to a great start, and today we begin our amazing classes at noon today! If you want to come (and you should, they look awesome), it’s $50 for today’s classes, payable at the door. Check out the schedule here:

We had the Hot Mess Comp Prelims lost night, and here are the finalists:

Sean Krazit, Cari Meisel, Michael Quisao, Lindsay Kelly, Kate Feldman, Michael Milazzo

The final competition takes place tonight at 10:30 – don’t miss it! In addition to the comp, tonight’s dance features Philly favorite Perseverance Jazz Band. The dance goes 9-12, is in Bodek Lounge, and costs $20. See you there!

Jazz Attack 7/24/2014

Lesson Time: 8:00PM-9:00PM

Novice Teacher: Brian

Series Teacher: Seth & Friends

This month at Jazz Attack Seth and friends will be teaching an follow-up to LaB’s balboa series taught last month. This will be at an intermediate level with some introduction to bal swing. Here are some international super stars in the world of balboa at the 2014 Hot Rhythm Holiday Balboa Invitational. Come join us for the 4th week of the series! You know you won’t want to miss this series.

Dance: 9:00PM-11:00PM

DJ of the evening: Breanna & A Surprise!

Location: University City Arts League at 4226 Spruce St.

Total Cost: $7

Don’t forget, everything you’ve learned here at Jazz Attack can be put to good use for HOT MESS! Sign up while you still can! HOT MESS is happening this weekend!!