Powerhouse Blues 6/15/15

12 June 2015

In The Dark: A Series on Stillness Wk. 3 w/ Erin and Chris!

Class Description:
Light and Dark. Class #3 of “In the Dark: A Series on Stillness” will focus on the contrast between movement and stillness. We will practice the transition between “regular” dancing and that stillness we all love. You will leave the class able to punctuate your dances gracefully with moments of stillness.

Series Description:
In the dark
It’s just you and I
Not a sound
No there’s not one sigh
Just the beat of my poor heart
In the dark …

This series will explore stillness in partnered blues dancing. You know when you’re listening to a song and you close your eyes because you just want to be still and present in the moment? We know that feeling too, and we think it is one of the juiciest, most beautiful things to incorporate into blues dancing. Topics covered throughout the series will be breathing, posture, micro-movement, isolation, contrast, and how to have the most comfortable close-embrace position possible.

… In the dark
Now we will find
What the rest
Have left behind…

Nina Simone, “In the Dark”

Cost: $7. All night, every night!
Class: 8:30pm – 9:30pm (15 minute late policy)
Social Dance: 9:30pm – Midnight

Mario Ritualo and Chris Carey

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