Powerhouse Blues 7/13/15

11 July 2015

Etch-A-Sketch Series with Marc and Kira, Week 2!

Class Description:
Learn to temper that frenetic artistic instinct and express one thought at a time with a class on ISOLATIONS! This lesson is just as much about what is moving as what isn’t moving. We have a ‘thrilling’ warm-up planned, and will be working with points of isolation and how to communicate those in partnership.

Series Description:
Have you ever tried using an Etch-A-Sketch and quickly find it full of squiggly lines, but not of the beautiful image you wanted to draw? Have you tried to show your creation to a partner, only to have them give you a puzzled stare? COME SHAKE IT UP with Marc and Kira, start with a clean slate, and explore layering with control in our series on Isolations, Syncopations, and Continuation of Movement.

Cost: $7. All night, every night!
Class: 8:30pm – 9:30pm (15 minute late policy)
Social Dance: 9:30pm – Midnight

Lydia Konstanski and Marc Longhenry!

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