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New Rittenhop Logo!

Hey All, Rittenhop now has a spiffy new logo as well! We’ve been revamping a lot of the visual aspects of LaB and this was one of the last pieces that were near and dear to our hearts as many of our community members found out about LaB through events…

2 June 2016


Rittenhop moving to Clark Park!

Hi All! We’ll be temporarily moving Rittenhop to Clark Park as we’re working to acquire a permit to continue our dance in Rittenhouse Square. Please keep an eye on the Facebook Group for Rittenhop and the calendar on the website for more information and up-to-date locations!

13 March 2016


New Calendar for the LaB Website!

Hi All! As some of you may have noticed, there is now a monthly calendar on our front page! This is a big step for us in ensuring the whole community knows about all the events that we have going on and keeping you all up-to-date on what will be…

3 August 2015


Powerhouse Blues 7/13/15

Etch-A-Sketch Series with Marc and Kira, Week 2! Class Description: Learn to temper that frenetic artistic instinct and express one thought at a time with a class on ISOLATIONS! This lesson is just as much about what is moving as what isn’t moving. We have a ‘thrilling’ warm-up planned, and…

11 July 2015


Powerhouse Blues 6/15/15

In The Dark: A Series on Stillness Wk. 3 w/ Erin and Chris! Class Description: Light and Dark. Class #3 of “In the Dark: A Series on Stillness” will focus on the contrast between movement and stillness. We will practice the transition between “regular” dancing and that stillness we all…

12 June 2015