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Powerhouse Blues 6/8/15

In The Dark: A Series on Stillness Wk. 2 w/ Erin and Chris! Class Description: I. So. Lay. Shuns. Class #2 of “In the Dark: A Series on Stillness” will focus on body isolations in all their gushiness and glory. You will leave the class with some great movements to…

5 June 2015


Powerhouse Blues 5/4/15

Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya! Wk. 1 w/ Matthew In honor of Mother’s Day, and that strong lady who gave you life, Powerhouse Blues is having “Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya!” month! This series will have a grab bag of excellent instructors who will break down for you…

1 May 2015


Powerhouse Blues 4/27/15

Use the Force!: Week 4 with Marc and Kira Hey Bluesi Masters! You have trained. You have toiled. Now it’s time to test your power. Come out to the last week of Use the Force! Work in groups to generate a short choreo using the dual forces of tension and…

24 April 2015


Studio34 Needs Our Support!

Studio 34 loves us, let’s love ’em back! “Hello Beautiful people, We need your support this Thursday evening, at 7:20!! Spruce Hill Zoning Committee Meeting 257 S. 45th St Thurs, Apr 23 at 7:20p.m. We believe that gathering joyously and positively is essential to creating supportive, healthy communities. We believe…

21 April 2015


Powerhouse Blues 4/13/15

—– PLEASE READ – DIFFERENT VENUE —– Due to Tech Week for the MacGuffin Theatre, we do not have the Adrienne Theatre for Powerhouse Blues this week. We will be using the UCAL in West Philly where JazzAttack is normally held. Use the Force! – Tension and Compression Week 2…

10 April 2015