BluesMuse Competitions

14 October 2013

Competition Info

— Update 8/23/17 — We’ve updated some of the information for 2017 comps, including renaming our competitions to the Follower Invitational, and the Jack Carey Comp. In addition, we’ve started adding events we’ve partnered with for competition prizes!
To Register for competitions ensure you’ve read the information below, and sign up via checkbox on our registration page.

Follower’s Invitational Competition Format and Rules

The Follower’s Invitational competition has long been a highlight of Blues Muse- a competition where follows are judged on their following, their expressiveness, their musicality- and most especially, their active voice in a collaborative dance. In the spirit of all that Blues Muse stands for, particularly the opportunity for expression follows have, we’ll also have a Solo Blues element in the competition. Additionally, in order to open the Jack Carey competition up to more up-and-coming dancers, the Follower’s Invitational competition will be an invitational, and Follower’s Invitational competitors will not be eligible to compete in the Jack Carey competition.

Format: Competitors will be selected by the judges from the follows who have registered for the weekend on or before September 20th, 2017 (if you’re signing up for the weekend as a lead, but would like to be considered as a follow for this competition, please email us at Muse(at)LindyAndBlues(dot)com; they will be invited before the event, and will able to accept or decline. Finals will take place at the beginning of the Friday Late Night Dance. Competitors will receive one all skate (partnered), will rotate and have one partnered spotlight, one solo dance spotlight, and one all-skate at the end (with a new partner). Follows will be judged individually on their partnered connection, musicality, movement, and contribution to the dance as well their solo musicality, movement, and composition.

  1. Follower’s Invitational finalists (chosen ahead of time from follows who are signed up for the weekend) will NOT be competing in the Jack Carey competition- so we can showcase more of our up-and-coming dancers.
  2. Follower’s Invitational finalists will be dancing with high-level stand-in leads for most of the competition, as in previous years, but…
  3. Our Follower’s Invitational finalists will also be doing a solo blues spotlight, in addition to a partnered spotlight. Blues Muse has always placed a value on connection, on contribution, and on solo movement- the Follower’s Invitational reflects these values.

Blues Muse 2016 Follower’s Invitational Comp Videos
Jack Carey Competition Format and Rules

The Jack Carey competition is a chance for both leads and follows to showcase the skills that the blues dance community values, and especially those championed by Blues Muse. It pairs dancers at random, and judges them on not only their individual skills, but their abilities to work with and support their partner in an improvised setting.

Format: The Jack Carey competition is open to any dancer not competing in the Follower’s Invitational who has registered for the weekend. Preliminary rounds of competition will be held at the beginning of the lunch period on Saturday, and will have a number of heats, as determined by the number of competitors. Each heat will consist of three songs, and competitors will rotate to a new partner between each song. Finalists will be posted as soon as the results have been tabulated. Finals will take place at the Saturday Night Main Dance. In finals, leads and follows will be paired up and judged as a couple. They will receive one all-skate, one or two spotlights (as determined by our DJ), and one final all-skate. Leads will be judged on their connection, musicality, and movement, as well as their receptivity and collaborative partnering. Follows will likewise be judged on their connection, musicality, and movement, plus their contribution to the dance and overall collaborative partnering. Cost of the competition is $5 per competitor.

Blues Muse 2016 Jack Carey Comp Video
Blues Muse 2017 Partners & Competition Prizes

These are events across the world that we’ve partnered with to bring you another amazing year of Blues Muse, and an opportunity for our competitors to continue traveling, learning their craft and the history of blues dancing, and sharing blues dancing with the world.

  1. Austin Blues Party 2018 based in Austin, Texas.
  2. BluesSHOUT 2018 based in Chicago, Illinois.
  3. Bambloozled 2018 based in Washington, DC.
  4. Blues Geek 2018 based in Nashville, Tennessee.
  5. Sweet Molasses Blues 2018 based in Boston, Massachusetts.
  6. ..and more TBA!