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17 December 2013

Blues Muse 2016 Music!

— Update 6/14/16 — We're in the process of finalizing TWO other bands and our DJs for the weekend, once we do we'll announce it and include the relevant information here!

Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five"Chelsea Reed is my favorite kind of singer. She sings the songs as they are intended: beautifully, candidly, with excellent pitch and swagger and very few frills. The Fair Weather Five have the taste and good judgment to back her up without getting in her way, and to swing while they're at it." Singer/songwriter, Carsie Blanton

In October 2012, vocalist Chelsea Reed brought five of her friends together to play some tunes in a South Philly dining room. Her plan was to form a band that played for swing dancers, so she could finally have the chance to sing her favorite songs for an audience that loved early jazz as much as she did. Since that fateful day, she's been living that dream and couldn't be happier about it.

Now, Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five are at home at dances, jazz clubs and concert halls alike. They have played renowned Philadelphia venues and travel the country year round to perform at both Lindy and Blues exchanges and workshops. They've had the honor of sharing the stage with trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, pianist Gordon Webster, and bassist Michael Gamble. They love exploring the roots of jazz and finding creative ways to interpret forgotten songs. Drawing upon the influence of artists such as Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five bring the intensity and passion of early jazz to every stage they play.

Here is a video of Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five playing music!

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Mikey Junior
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mikey JuniorFor a musical style that has historically placed so much weight on lineage, the passing of more and more of the old masters poses a dire question: What is the future of the blues and who will lead the charge?

Well, for blues fans in the Northeast United States, that question is routinely answered every night Mikey Junior hits the stage. His infectious personality and absolute command of his medium leave little doubt the blues is in good hands.

Self-taught from his impressive collection of blues vinyl, Mikey was a full time musician before he even graduated high-school. By the time he was in his early twenties, seasoned players were taking notice and it wasn't long before one blues society after another scrambled to get him to their stage. Before long, Mikey was a staple of the summer blues circuit on the East Coast.

Here is a video of Mikey Junior playing music!

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Anna Washenko
Los Angeles, California, USA

Anna WashenkoAnna honed her musical chops in Chicago, where she was co-founder and house DJ for 50Fifty, a monthly blues and lindy dance. She's also been behind the decks at national events including bluesShout, Blues Muse, Steel City Blues, and Winter Blues. Anna loves and spins all genres in the blues family, but she's a real sucker for anything with piano. These days you'll find her dancing, working, and exploring her new home in Los Angeles.

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Paul Loschak
Boston, MA, USA

Paul LoschakPaul Loschak (known as "DJ Loveschak" at weekly Boston dances) has been dancing and DJing the blues for years. Paul regularly DJs at Boston blues dance venues, has guest DJ'd at local dances and events all over the continent, and has been a featured DJ at regional and national events in Boston, Albany, Montreal, Philly, and more. His collection of tunes is both broad and deep, spanning many genres and many blues dances. His library is jam packed with musically inspiring tunes for sparking dancers' creativity and encouraging leads and follows to collaborate in each dance. Paul is excited to return to the Blues Muse musical team this year.

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