BluesMuse Registration

17 December 2013

Blues Muse 2017 Registration
Weekend Prices
Disclaimers & Notes
We’re looking for lots of awesome individuals who are interested in contributing to this amazing event. Your contributions could range from door shifts, greeting all the dancers and staff as they enter our spaces, to setting up venues and ensure our teachers and bands are set up well to make this weekend awesome. We also compensate those who contribute to this weekend $10 / hour so we can support you attending the event at a lower price. If you’re able and interested, please visit the Google Sign-Up Form today! Questions about volunteering can also be directed to
There is no guaranteed housing available for Dance/Day passes. We will do our best to house everyone (even beyond our guaranteed housing) and will house people who request it if we are able. Otherwise please make other arrangements, AirBnB and Hotel information will be on the Venue page if available. Any other questions can be directed to
Dance and Day Pass
Dance-Only pass provides entry to all dances (only dances, no classes) for the weekend and provides a $15 discount off the A-La-Carte price. The two Day Passes passes are viable for only classes on the day specified (only classes, no dances). Any questions please e-mail Muse@LindyandBlues!
We’ll have competition options soon enough!
Registration is scheduled to open June 20th, 2017 - 8:00 PM!!