7 December 2012


You can also contact the LaB organization, or any specific LaB dance, by either e-mail or Facebook:

Lindy and Blues Organization LaB Facebook Page lab(at)lindyandblues(dot)com
Powerhouse Blues PhB Facebook Group powerhouse(at)lindyandblues(dot)com
Jazz Attack JA Facebook Group jazzattackswings(at)gmail(dot)com
Philly Bal Night Bal Night Facebook Page balnight(at)lindyandblues(dot)com
Rittenhop Rittenhop Facebook Group rittenhop(at)lindyandblues(dot)com


Want to volunteer at LaB? Click here
to sign up on our Google Doc! Instructions are on the first sheet.

All of our dances, and a lot of the projects / workshops / intiatives we host, exist and work because of community members like you who have volunteered
their time to have something awesome happen. Even for a weekly or monthly dance, volunteers help set up the sound system, welcome dancers into the venues, and
take money at the door, providing an invaluable part of the culture at our dances. All of our coordinators and organizers also volunteer their time for various
aspects of our dances and the organization! If you’re interested in contributing, please talk to one of our coordinators or organizers and we’ll get you involved!


There are TONS of events and opportunities for learning and going out for an awesome time dancing.
We collect information on a bunch of these events that match up with our community, combine them with
updates about our weekly and monthly events and organization updates, and send them out each month! If
that interests you, and you want to be kept up to day, sign-up!

LaB Contact Form

We love to hear feedback on our dances and the information available on the website.

LaB is always looking to grow as an organization, and we deeply appreciate the invaluable
feedback that we get from members of our community. We hope you’ll remember that when you send
this form, that this message is going to an individual human being, who will read it carefully,
discuss it with others, and implement changes where he or she sees fit (all as an unpaid volunteer)!
We love constructive feedback! Feedback that gives clear suggestion for improvement is constructive.

Remember, LaB belongs to you, too. Take this form as an opportunity to collaborate with us to shape its future!
If you are unable to use the form for whatever reason, please e-mail us at lab(at)lindyandblues(dot)com.

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