Powerhouse Blues

10 December 2012

Powerhouse Blues (PhB) At a Glance
Blues dancing every Monday night! Address: 1524 Cambridge St., Philadelphia, PA 19130 Cost: $7 for lesson & dance Lessons: 8pm-9pm (Novice Series downstairs, Extended Topics upstairs) Social dancing: 9pm-11:30pm Contact: facebook, e-mail    
Blues Dancing Lessons @ PhB
  Powerhouse Blues (PhB) is a weekly blues dance held every Monday at the Cambridge Arts Center near Temple University / 15th & Girard. Our teachers, organizers, and dancers investigate the history and culture of blues, as well as the music and idiom dancing that were generated by that culture. We also place a high emphasis on being welcoming, generating community, and ensuring each attendee is safe and free to be there comfortably. At the beginning of the dance there are two classes, one appropriate for anyone coming in with no experience or from another dance style and another for dancers growing in the style. The extended topics classes may have prerequisite material, so check our Facebook Group and events to see if there are additional requirements for the more advanced class. If you’re not sure if a class is for you, you should always feel free to ask the teachers or PhB organizers!  
Novice Lessons: Every week, downstairs We’re switching to a Novice Series (as of August 2017) to provide a more clear path of learning for students new to our scene. This will cover 9 weeks of classes with different focus points, as well as being ambi-dance (learning both roles in a class) to give you all the tools you need to be a Beginner / Intermediate level dancer with knowledge and understanding of what role you prefer. Extended Lessons: Every week, upstairs With our move to a new venue (as of August 2017), we now have the class space to push our classes further. We’ll be utilizing feedback from the community, inspiration from traveling events and weekends, and the brainstorming power of the community members who’ve gotten involved in teaching to bring you a diverse and challenging array of classes to bring you up to an Intermediate level or higher! Check out our Facebook Group to see the events created for our weekly dances (which will have information on the classes and series for that day/month) as well as posts regarding other events with blues dancing or music, community events, updates, and more!
About PhB
  PhB originated out of a passion for blues dancing, and a call from the community for more blues instruction and social dancing. Like all LaB projects, PhB was created to support and encourage dancers of every level, and the folks who run PhB work to create a warm, welcoming environment at all of our classes and dances. PhB takes place in a cozy theatre setting near Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. Our DJs play a variety of vintage and modern blues in many styles and tempos, suitable for many styles of blues dancing.  
Cambridge Arts Center 1524 Cambridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19130 Blues dancing every Monday night! Cost: $7 for lesson & dance Lessons: 8-9pm (Novice Series downstairs, Extended Classes upstairs) Social dancing: 9pm-11:30pm Want to volunteer? Get into the dance for FREE? Contribute to this amazing community? Check out our volunteer spreadsheet
The Powerhouse Blues Committee
Organizers Genevieve Senechal (Announcements / PR) Miryam Coppersmith (Curriculum) Alexis McKenna (DJs) Coordinators Kerian Pearson (PR) Justin O’Connor (Volunteers) Sarah Geiger (Teacher Coordinator) Leah Gottlieb (Venue / Treasurer) Want to get involved? Want to talk with us about anything dance related? Send us an e-mail at powerhouse(at)lindyandblues(dot)com and let us know! And if you want to volunteer to help us out and get into the dance for free, check out our volunteer spreadsheet.