7 December 2012

Rittenhop (RH) At a Glance

Dancing in the park every Sunday!
Address: 4398 Chester Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Social dancing: Noon – 2:00pm
Contact: facebook, e-mail

About RH

Rittenhop is a weekly outdoor dance in Center City Philadelphia. Rittenhop happens most Sundays unless the weather looks bad (rain, snow, extreme heat/cold advisory)**, changes time based on the season**, and is completely free of charge! Come out and join us for dancing – we’d love to see you there!

<<<< NOTICE >>>>> We’re also experiencing some issues with using amplified music in Rittenhouse Square, so until we resolve that we will be dancing in Clark Park. Again, the Facebook Group is the most reliable source of information as the website may not be updated with last minute changes.

Clark Park
4398 Chester Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Dancing in the park every Sunday!
Social dancing: Noon – 2:00pm

**NOTE** – please check the Facebook group for updates on when Rittenhop is canceled or changed. We will keep the events on the website as up-to-date as possible,
but last minute changes will be posted to the facebook group in cases of inclement weather, temperature, conflicting events that take up park space, etc.

The Rittenhop Committee

Jerry Segal
Christian Muniz
Marc Longhenry
Tara Hughes

Want to get involved? Want to talk with us about anything dance related? Send us an e-mail at rittenhop(at)lindyandblues(dot)com and let us know!

Lindy Bomb!

Recent Posts and Upcoming Events
  • New Rittenhop Logo! (6/2/2016) - Hey All, Rittenhop now has a spiffy new logo as well! We’ve been revamping a lot of the visual aspects of LaB and this was one of the last pieces that were near and dear to our hearts as many of our community members found out about LaB through events...
  • Rittenhop moving to Clark Park! (3/13/2016) - Hi All! We’ll be temporarily moving Rittenhop to Clark Park as we’re working to acquire a permit to continue our dance in Rittenhouse Square. Please keep an eye on the Facebook Group for Rittenhop and the calendar on the website for more information and up-to-date locations!
  • Rittenhop is on for 11/01/2015! (10/31/2015) - Grab some water and join us for dancing and fun in Rittenhouse Park tomorrow 11/1, our usual place in the center of the square, our regular time 12-2pm! Come dance, and we’ll see you there! Rittenhop Free dancing! Sundays Summer Hours 12pm-2pm Rittenhouse Park