Julie Brown Workshop

Julie Brown is coming back to Philadelphia! Don’t miss out on another incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and expand your knowledge of blues dancing.

Julie is one of our favorite guest instructors. Her workshop last year sold out, and she has been a Muse at our Weekend Workshop: Blues Muse several years in a row. If you don’t know who she is, go look up “Julie Brown Blues Dancing” on Youtube and find out how she has constantly wow’ed classrooms full of students year after year. You can also check out her website at https://dancewithjulie.wordpress.com/
(We’ll also be posting some of our favorite videos of her over the coming weeks!)


We’ll be having the incredible Julie Brown coming down from Boston to share her expertise with us! Click the Teacher tab above to see her image and read about her.

Facebook Event

Here is the Facebook Event! Help us reach out to people in the Greater Philadelphia area and show them the magic of dancing, expand our community of friends, and have lots of awesome dances!

We’re nailing down some final details for the schedule, stay tuned!
Other Activities

This workshop was a tad difficult to plan because of some other awesome things that are happening in and around the weekend of August 14th. We’ve linked the relevant information below so that you all can take a look for yourselves and decide if it is something you’d like to do!

Indigo Blues Cruise

Indigo Blues is the blues dancing scene based in Lancaster, PA (about 1.5 hours west of Philadelphia). They have a monthly dance and are great people to be around, but they also have a pretty sweet event coming up.. the Blues Cruise. You’ll travel out to Harrisburg, PA (about 2 hours west of Philadelphia) and get on a riverboat with the incredible Mikey Junior for 3 hours. Water, Boats, and Blues.. what more could you ask for?

Hidden River Blues Festival

This is a festival that is practically within the city limits of Philadelphia (but isn’t). Mannayunk is hosting it’s annual Blues Festival on Venice Island in Mannayunk (Northwest of Philadelphia) from 11am-9pm, featuring a bunch of delicious blues artists and a variety of vendors, practically in our backyard! We’ll be organizing a facebook event to attend, so keep an eye out for that as well.