17 May 2013

LaBLove 2017 (February 24th-26th, 2017)
is LaB’s 10th annual celebration of the birth of our organization!!!

Welcome to LaBLove! Welcome to our anniversary, our birthday, our celebration of all things Lindy and blues! We want you to come join us for our 10th party!

Philadelphia has fostered some pretty amazing folks – some who have moved out to the wider world, and some who are here in our backyard! We look forward to welcoming music and teachers who have ties to Philly, past or present, as well as bringing back the LaBaret, an event that features amazing talents that our dancers have (including things other than dancing!). Whether you live in Philly or this’ll be your first trip, we’d love for you to a-Philly-ate with us, and to share our dancing, joy, and hugs with you!

Make sure to visit our Facebook Event to let us know that you’re coming and to get updates on what we will be featuring. We’ll keep the website up-to-date as we announce things, so if you’re not fond of scrolling through endless Facebook comments you can always come here to check out the new info as well as register for the weekend!