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7 December 2012

LaBLove 2017 Music!
The Fried Bananas

The Fried Bananas

Louis Armstrong said it best, "The main thing is to live for that audience, 'cause what you're there for is to please the people." This is the core belief of this highly acclaimed band, and dancers from events like bluesSHOUT!, Montreal Dance Fest, Nocturne Blues, Mile High Blues, and more are singing (and dancing) their praise:

"You wouldn't believe the amazing feedback we're getting. I don't think I've ever had such a great response to a band."
-Heidi Fite, bluesSHOUT! founder

"First off, they rock. Secondly, the name is no joke: they really lay the heat down and make your nether regions want to jump around."
-Davis Thurber, Montreal Dance Fest founder, teacher and performer

The Fried Bananas was first assembled in 2006 under the guidance of co-leaders Shawn Hershey and Josh Fialkoff, who are both dancers themselves. Together they carefully crafted the Bananas' sound, drawing inspiration from jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, and Dr. Michael White. Since then, this versatile band has evolved to incorporate other blues influences from New Orleans to the Delta, from Chicago to New York City, from the 1900s to today. So if you're looking for Ballroomin' or Jookin', or perhaps something a tad on the funky side, The Fried Bananas has your back, and your dancing shoes.

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Ben Long
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Ben LongBen Long hails from Philly these days. You may also know him from such hits as: DC, LA, and Portland. His dance story started with Lindy back in the era of neo-swing and the Gap commercial. Yes, it’s that same old story. Then, as it goes, he became involved with Blues dancing during those early Lindy exchanges and late-night “Blues” rooms (also known then as slow Lindy without swingouts). It didn’t take long thereafter for him to play tracks off his chunky laptop at parties and dances. Since then he’s DJed across the country. He also bought a slightly improved laptop.

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Clyde Wright
Washington, D.C., USA

Clyde WrightClyde Wright is a social dancer and DJ currently residing in Washington, DC. He first fell in love with West Coast Swing ten years ago, but quickly branched out into Tango, Blues, Lindy Hop and Fusion and still dances all five today. He DJes regularly at Back Room Blues in DC but also travels and DJs at blues events all around the nation. He also hosts the Blues Dance World, a monthly podcast about the culture of social and competitive Blues dancing. While this is his first opportunity to play music for a mixed floor of Blues and Lindy dancers, he has already gone down the rabbit hole of finding music that would satisfy the entire room. Photography by Braden Nesin

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John Krieger-Joven
New York City, NY, USA

John Krieger-JovenJohn caught the dance bug during the late 90's swing revival and has been a DJ for twelve years starting out in Chicago spinning swing and blues. During his time in the Midwest, he had spun at many swing and blues events around the region. After moving to New York City, he has shared his musical tastes with the dancers of the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, and Canada at events like Nocturne Blues, Snowbound Blues, Montreal Bagel & Blues, the Steel City Blues Festival, BABBLE,and Lindy Focus to name a few. He brings a versatile style influenced by the live blues of the Second City and the jazzy blues spun during his days a young dancer in Chicago. He is very excited to spin at LabLove!

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Tyler Robbins
Baltimore, MD, USA

Tyler RobbinsTyler has been dancing and djing blues and swing for over a decade. Swing got him hooked, blues stole his heart, and fusion is an illicit affair. His range includes perky quirky New Orleans swing to low down chocolate covered drive-you-into-the-ground blues. He has gone to countless exchanges and has djed throughout the US including Lalfx, RCLX, PBJLX, Rocktober, MFA, CUBE, Rose City Blues, Portland Blues Experience, and Rain City Blues. He won the 2011 Show-Me blues DJ competition in St. Louis. His goal when djing is to provide every dancer at least one song they feel compelled to dance and manipulates the energy to keep the dancers going.

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