LaBLove Staff

25 January 2016

LaBLove 2017 Staff

If you see or dance with any of these people, please thank them! They have put in many hours and taken time out of their lives to contribute to this community in making this event be as awesome as possible for you all. Just showing up to our events and having a great time is thanks enough, but a word of acknowledgement from you all means a lot and lets us know how much you appreciate what we do!

Core Committee:
Leah Gottlieb
Marc Longhenry
Marie Ruisard (Ringleader)

Chris Carey (Housing)
Leah Gottlieb (Volunteering)
Marc Longhenry (Registration / Curriculum)
Christian Muniz (Food)
TBA (PR / Music)
Kerian Pearson (LaBaret)
Marie Ruisard (Venues)