17 December 2013

Hotmess 2014 (July 25-27, 2014): LaB’s Premiere Lindy Hop Weekend!

Hot Mess returns July 25-27, hotter and messier than ever! We’ve got a FULL WEEKEND of classes, dances, live music, and of course, the Hot Mess Competition! For classes, we’re bringing in Mikey Pedroza & Gaby Cook, nationally acclaimed instructors that are sure to knock your socks off. Of course, we’ve also got Philadelphia’s favorite bands – Perseverance Jazz Band, Josh Fialkoff and the Philadelphia Stride, and Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five – to keep us swinging each and every night.

Registration will open April 16 at 6pm, so mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and get ready for HOT MESS 2014!

We’ll be adding more information to this site, so check back often, or check out our Facebook page for any and all updates! And if you have any questions, you can e-mail hotmess(at)lindyandblues(dot)com!

UPDATE 7/26/14

Hot Mess is off to a great start, and today we begin our amazing classes at noon today! If you want to come (and you should, they look awesome), it’s $50 for today’s classes, payable at the door. Check out the schedule here:

We had the Hot Mess Comp Prelims lost night, and here are the finalists:

Sean Krazit, Cari Meisel, Michael Quisao, Lindsay Kelly, Kate Feldman, Michael Milazzo

The final competition takes place tonight at 10:30 – don’t miss it! In addition to the comp, tonight’s dance features Philly favorite Perseverance Jazz Band. The dance goes 9-12, is in Bodek Lounge, and costs $20. See you there!

UPDATE 7/11/2014

Hot Mess is just TWO WEEKS away! We’ve updated our registration page to to show the price for each dance, and you can also sign up for a Dances-Only pass for $65! That’s a $10 discount from all the dances individually, so if you’re coming to the weekend for ALL THE DANCES, it’s a great opportunity to save some money!

We’ve also got a $50 day-pass for classes, but those will have to be bought at the door before classes.

Of course, the BEST deal is still the whole weekend package – we’ve only got a handful of middle-tier passes left, so get them now while you can!

Next up: we’ll have info on the Hot Mess Comp up in a few days. We’ve got some great prizes lined up, so I hope you’re ready to show your stuff!

UPDATE 6/24/2014

Holy snot, Hot Mess is just over a month away! To help get everyone pumped for what’s sure to be an amazing weekend, we’re going to start posting regular updates, previews, videos, etc. First up – the Hot Mess Schedule! While some things are still TBA, and things may change a little as we get some last-minute details sorted out, this will give you a great idea of what we have in store. Check it out!

Registration is still in Tier 2, but won’t be for much longer! Sign up now before it’s too late!

UPDATE 4/9/2014
Registration is now less than a week away, and to celebrate, we’ve started adding some exciting information to the Hot Mess site! You can read all about our instructors Mikey and Gaby, and you can check out the live music we’ll be dancing to! Finally, here’s the information on registration and pricing:

  • First 10 full passes: $109
  • Next 30 full passes: $125
  • Final 40 full passes: $139

Note that registration is CAPPED at 80 full passes, so don’t delay in buying your Hot Mess 2014 full weekend pass! We’ll be providing information on dance and class passes later in the registration process, and details about the other exciting things we have planned for Hot Mess 2014!